The works for mandolin

=The lists in alphabetical order by the composer's surname=

Contained 15,259 works of 2,688 composers on October the 9th,2014,kept renewing!

 I release the lists of works for mandolin and its companions which I found in my investigations for making up “The commentary about mandolinworks” or “The lists of composers and arrangers in mandolinworks” in this library
 The works in the lists can be classified into next categories.

 1.Mandolin solos
  a:The solos only for one mandolin or its family
  b:The solos with the accompaniments by piano,harpsichord,organ,guitar or other instruments
 2.Mandolin ensembles,fundamentally the parts by oneself
  a:The ensembles for mandolin and its family generally with guitar or doublebass
  b:The ensembles for mandolin or its family and rubbed strings,winds or percussions
 3.Mandolin concertos
  a.One mandolin or two with strings,winds,orchestra,wind band or others
  b.One mandolin or two with plucked strings
  c.Plucked strings or bluegrass band and orchestra or wind band like concerto grosso
 4.Mandolin and its companions
  Originally composed for plucked strings by mandolin family and guitars or doublebasses
 5.The other works include indispensable mandolin or its family
  a.The chamber musics include mandolin or its family
  b.The works for bluegrass band
  c.The works for regional of choros
  d.The songs with the accompaniments by mandolin,etc.
 6.The textbooks for mandolin players

 The lists do not contain the works for orchestra or operas with partial mandolin. 


NOTES 1.The abbrebiations of instruments in the lists  2.The abbrebiations of publishers in the lists

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